Project 321

Project 321 sounds like a code name for a top secret spy ring in an MI5 operation.  But It's not.  Then again some might still say it's a well kept secret, unless of course you happen to be a serious MTB rider. 

Project 321 hails from Fresno California. These guys seem to have a wonderfully myopic vision for making top end MTB hubs in a variety of flavours. They do more than just hubs of course, but I will concentrate on those offerings for the moment. 

Decked out in a plethora of lovely vibrant colours are several notable models. First off, the G2 Mountain rear hub weighing in at just 274 grams. Available in numerous axle lengths and configurations, like 135mm QR, 135mm x 10mm TA, 135mm x 12mm TA, 142mm x 12mm TA or 135mm bolt on. Their new freehub has an option of either 144 or 216 points of engagement. This new freehub also boasts 68% less drag than the previous one. You even have a choice of how loud it is. A simple change of pawls will determine it's volume! They have chosen two angular contact bearings for more lateral load capacity. Coming stock with Enduro ABEC 5 bearings with an upgrade option to Enduro Ceramic Hybrid bearings if you like. Spoke hole counts are either 28 or 32. With a nice CNC engraved logo and a 3 year warranty, what's not to like? 

Project 321 has covered the bases with other popular options like boost width hubs as well as their Lefty Supermax.

The DH hubs come in either 150 or 157mm widths and are of course 12mm through axle configured.  32 or 28 holes are available. The DH hubs use the same freehub as the G2, which has an increased its warranty time to 3 years. The same bearing options as the G2 are found on the DH hubs. 

For you road riders who cap off your season with some mud soaked cyclocross there's the CX1 hubset. This disc hubset offers a front hub in 20, 24 and 28 holes. The rear in 24 and 28 holes. The axles are offered in 9mm QR, 15mm TA, 20mm TA and a rear OLD width of 135mm. The freehub is good for either 10 or 11 speed set ups. Lots of colours to choose from, all of them blending well with mother earth. 

Lastly, and not to be left out are the single speed enthusiasts. Project 321 hasn't forgotten you. The G2 Single Speed rear hub sits on the scales at 285 grams and has all the same axle options as the regular G2 hub. Also the same bearing configuration is exploited. Comes with either 32 or 28 spoke holes. 

As for disc specific bikes, all Project 321 disc hubs use the standard 6 bolt interface. 

So if you are dreaming of some very cool new MTB or cyclocross wheels with hubs that provide a boat load of options and colours, you might want to dial up their website to see how they all look, especially those killer colours. 

Cognoscenti Cycles is now a dealer for Project 321 and we can get anything that your heart desires. Call us for a quote. Spring is coming faster than you think...

             Perfect in purple. Project 321 CX1 Cyclocross hubs.   

             Perfect in purple. Project 321 CX1 Cyclocross hubs.