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Cognoscenti Cycles works with the absolute best component manufacturers in the world. This carefully curated selection of gear assures that you will be riding the best components possible for your hard earned money. The most respected names in both rim and hub makers are at our fingertips. Trust us to help you decide upon the best hubs and rims for an ultimate set of amazing wheels.  

So, who have we partnered with to supply the finest components made? In the world of hubs we have chosen to use the following manufacturers. 

25 Different Hub Companies!


Chris King : 40 years of boutique hand made bicycle components. Their hubs have a reputation that's hard to beat and speak for themselves, rather loudly in fact. ChrisKingBuzz...

White Industries: Another USA maker of lovely well designed hubs fit for almost every cycling discipline imaginable. Tried, trusted and true.

Onyx Racing Products: This company thinks out of the box, in a very good way. Can you beat that sprag clutch for instant engagement. Hardly. 

Enve: Finally the newest iteration of Enve’s carbon hub has arrived and hot on it’s heels is an alloy version in both disc and road models!! Check out my blog for all the fine details on these amazing hubs.

Syntace: German engineering at it's finest. An MTB hub that's going to go the distance and then some. I trust you like the colour black!

Trailmech: This company might not be on your radar, but it should be. An innovative new engagement system that has won over the Ukrainian National MTB Team and ridden in the UCI World Cup.

Phil Wood: Phil has left the building but his hubs keep turning smoothly. A hub for every type of cyclist. Hand made the right way in the good ole US of A. 

Rohloff: Trust those German engineering minds to create the Rohloff Speed Hub. All those gears housed in that big beautiful hub. Just brilliant. 

Project 321: You gravel grinders and MTB riders pay attention. The brains at Project 321 have engagement nailed to the trail.   

Hope Tech:  From the United Kingdom turning out great hubs literally 24 hours a day. When do those guys ever sleep? MTB riders take note. 

Extralite:  These Italian hub makers are certified weight weenies. Are you looking to shave some weight but want ultimate performance as well. Look no further. 

Gokiso:  Japanese hubs that are out of this world. Their titanium hubs deserve to be in the MOMA. Fast, sexy and seriously expensive. Bragging rights galore.

Hadley:  Flying so far below the radar it's not even funny, but what a hub! Gravel riders and MTB guys line up in the rain for these babies. A done deal. Oh, and lets not forget that titanium freehub.

DT Swiss:  Swiss engineering. Need I say much more! More riders have ridden the Tour de France on DT Swiss 240's than probably any other hub. Convinced? 

Mack: Hailing from Tyczyn Poland, this company has kicked up more than a little dust with it's gorgeous track hubs. Custom orders are welcome if you have some groovy ideas. 

Factor: These hubs are from Novatec in Asia. The Factor line are aimed squarely at the MTB crowd. A decent hub at a very attractive price. Get some custom wheels built for a song. 

Royce: These UK makers really produce some beautiful hubs. You need gold nitride finished hubs right? You've come to the right place!

Schmidt SON Nabendynamo: With a name like that you'd expect something really serious and they deliver! The ultimate front dynamo hub to charge your lights and other electric devices. 

Paul: This Californian outfit has a few unique hubs. For single speed riders you need to know about the W.O.R.D. Fatbikers check out the Fhub 15 x 150. 

Power Tap: Do you need to analyse your cycling performance. Then you need to check out Power Tap. More than just hubs, this company has covered all the bases. 

Industry Nine:  Road, MTB, cyclocross and gravel riders are all looked after here. Beautifully made hubs in lovely colours with oodles of engagement. 

Kappius Components: The word here is engagement. Lots of it. 240 points to be exact. 8 pawls acting under the power of rare earth magnets. Very cool. 

Curtis Odom:  Truly custom made hubs from California. Curtis is an artist. His designs are unique, yet sometimes borrowing from cycling's deep and fascinating history. He appears to be on hiatus at the moment, so patience will be needed. 

Raceface: They have a new contender called the Vault. This big black beauty has 3 degrees of near instant engagement. An oversized hub shell with big flanges improves lateral stiffness. Available in boost.

True Precision Components: Made in Buellton California, the Stealth MTB hubs are unique, providing truly instant engagement and silent coasting. They also make top end hubs for the BMXer’s out there.

Enve's AR Disc carbon rim.

16 Different Rim Companies!

Enve:  The name alone evokes the spirit of those who aren't riding their rims. Enve is the premium USA builder of top shelf carbon rims. Models for every riders needs. 

Boyd Cycling: These guys do alloy and carbon equally well. If you haven't heard of them you need to check them out. You can't go wrong with any Boyd rim. 

FSE: That acronym stands for Filament Spin Evolution. A brand new way to make carbon rims. Accurately made by machine with stranded carbon. I think the future is here. 

HED: This American company does some pretty cool stuff. They spear headed aero rim design back in the day and others took note. Steve Hed was a true innovator and his legacy lives on. 

AForce:  A very aerodynamic alloy rim that ticks all the boxes. They have a ceramic coated version that's really special. Great design, and great build quality. 

Nox Composites: Great carbon rims with some nice design elements like asymmetric spoke beds. The guys at Nox sweat the small details which shows they know and care. 

Venn:  A Taiwanese carbon rim manufacturer that exploits the filament spun stranded carbon process. If you are unfamiliar with this new manufacturing process by all means look into it. 

We Are One Composites:  A Canadian company who's doing hand made carbon rims with a life time warranty. Now that's says a lot about their confidence in their rims!

Ax-Lightness:  A German maker of ultra light carbon rims. Ridden in all the top European cycling events. If weight weighs heavy on your mind, then check these out. 

Kinlin:   Affordable alloy rims that will not disappoint. Good designs and solid construction add up to a nice rim at a nice price. 

DT Swiss: Well thought out designs for both road and MTB riders. Welded rim joints and wear indicators, make for excellent rims.  

H Plus Son: This Asian rim maker has several popular models. 5 of them use G609 alloy to great effect and all of them have a welded rim joint. Very nice rims at affordable prices. 

Astral Cycling: An American company that belongs to Rolf Prima, manufacturing both alloy and carbon rims in the USA. Several models are definitely worthy of your consideration. All models made in the USA.

Raceface: These guys have the MTB crowd square in their sights.. The Arc Offset rim uses an asymmetrical design that enhances wheel stiffness by helping to equalise spoke tension between drive and non drive side spokes. Built with 6069 alloy with colour matching deal options.

Atomic Carbon: This American company has their focus on off road riders of every stripe. Whether they be MTB, gravel riders or Fat bike aficionados, they are all catered for well with a good selection of carbon rim options.

Nextie: Are you on a limited budget but you just have to have carbon rims? Here’s the solution. Nextie offers a huge number of affordable carbon options for most every cycling discipline. This Asian rim maker makes some pretty nice rims, especially for the price.


We have settled on a few different spoke makers. For the most part these days I am using spokes made by Sapim of Belgium. They offer several excellent models that cover all my needs. Everything from the ultra light and strong CX Ray bladed spoke to the triple butted Sapim Force. I also periodically use DT Swiss spokes for select models. They have superb quality control and have never let me down. For vintage rebuilds I look for NOS Robergal spokes from France, as well as Berg Union from Germany. 


Spoke Nipples

This is an area that deserves greater consideration than some may think. For all builds that require brass nipples I use the Alpina ABS nipple. It is dual sided with a standard 3.2mm square and a 5.5mm Hex head with a nylon plug to lock the spoke threads and prevent vibration from working the spoke lose. Its available in either a silver or black finish. For those who would prefer alloy nipples Alpina makes a very similar nipple to the brass one I have just described. The 5.5mm HEX head is slightly taller which engages even more threads than the brass version which is a good idea when using a lighter weight nipple made of 7075 T6 alloy. It comes in a black finish. Bare in mind that alloy nipples are far more prone to potential corrosion than any other material, so they may not be ideal for seaside locations or cycling disciplines that may allow more moisture to enter the rim than normal road riding. When I build with rims that have no eyelets I choose to use Sapim HM spoke nipple washers to offer additional support, therefore preventing any cracking of the rim at the spoke hole.