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This is a brand new section dedicated to those who prefer the dirt. This will cater to the world of MTB, gravel grinders and cyclocross riders. A huge curated selection of best quality hubs and rims will be on offer. Please be patient until its done!

Mountain Bike Hubs:

The number of high quality MTB hubs is impressive. In fact, there are so many that it can be difficult making a decision on what to choose. Cognoscenti Cycles has selected what we feel to be the absolute best hubs on the market, spanning a price point from reliable entry level all the way up to the best available in the world. I’ll provide some essential information on each hub and if you require more info please email me and I’ll do my best to fill you in on all the fine details. I’ll also provide a price indicator to give you an idea where they fit from least to most expensive. An exact price can be provided by contacting me, as each hub set will vary depending on the options one chooses, such as custom colours or other features that may alter the price.

Onyx Racing Products: Onyx is without a doubt one of my all time favourite hubs for several reasons. If silence is what you’d like to hear on the trail this should be your number one choice. This ultra quiet hub achieves this feat by the use of a unique German made sprag clutch that not only runs silently but also gives one instant engagement. No other hub maker uses such a special system. It requires little maintenance and offers next to no resistance when you’ve stopped pedaling, making it the fastest hub tested. Top this off with German hybrid ceramic bearings and you have a hub that can’t easily be beat. Onyx offers a plethora of beautiful colours as well as custom colour options if desired. I ride these hubs myself and I can attest to their amazing qualities. They are at the higher end of the price spectrum but worth every penny. $$$$$

Chris King: As most are already aware, Chris King has been turning out top shelf hubs for a very long time, earning them a reputation that is synonymous with high quality. Hailing from Portland Oregon these USA made hubs have their special bearings made in house as well as all the other finely machined parts that make up this incredible hub. The patented Chris King ring drive offers 72 points of simultaneous engagement for ISO hubs and 45 for the R45D hubs. Available in standard 6 bolt and centrelock disc brake interfaces. Lots of cool colours and that unmistakable angry bee sound. $$$$$

Hadley Racing Products: Another USA made hub that’s popular amongst those in the know. MTB riders in California were most likely those who first began spreading the word about these lovely hubs. They gained a fierce following amongst those who appreciated a bomb proof hub that sports a titanium freehub and has 72 points of engagement. Several beautifully anodised colours and a flawless finish leave little to be desired. Check out my blog posting on these excellent hubs. $$$$$

White Industries: I am a big fan of this company. They’ve been at this for a long time and they can be trusted to provide you with a fantastic set of hubs. Their new XMR hubs would be ideal for a serious set of MTB wheels. They have updated the ratchet system to 48 points of engagement and their hubs ship stock with a 6al4v titanium freehub. Running on buttery smooth high quality bearings makes these a great choice. Their CLD boost hubs come in 7 different colours. $$$$

Hope: This UK made hub’s popularity has grown steadily over the last few years. Its less expensive than its American competition yet still offers some serious bang for your buck. The Hope Pro 4 is their newest offering with a standard 6 bolt disc interface. It runs on 4 pawls with 44 teeth of engagement. Comes in 6 colours and has an alloy freehub. A solid hub indeed. $$$

Phil Wood: Phil’s legacy and company endure even after the passing of the man himself. This American company has been manufacturing bicycle hubs since the early 70’s. Their MTB hubs are offered in two models, the Classic and the Pro. Both hubs have an optional upgrade to their low drag Carbonyte bearings. A 40 tooth ratchet and 5 double row pawls provide the engagement. Available in 10 colours. $$$$$

Project 321: This is not a hub you’ll see every day, but don’t let their rarity put you off. These guys make beautiful high end hubs with some desirable features. A USA manufacturer who has exploited a few cool design features that work well for either MTB riders or gravel grinders. Their G2 MTB hub has a customisable drive system with two options. Choose quiet or loud pawls and different amounts of engagement. Different pawl configurations will produce either 144 or 216 points of engagement, depending on your preferences. The bearings are fine tuned with an adjustable preload system. These hubs come with a 10 year warranty on the hub shell and axles and 3 years on the pawls.

Industry Nine: The engineers at I9 have created a game changer with their new model named Hydra. With 614 points of engagement this is a major step up from the much loved Torch hub. For many MTB riders this hub will be embraced, big time. Its design also improves axle flex as well. This new model comes in lots of eye popping colours.





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