I thought you might want to hear from a few of my customers and the experience they had working with Cognoscenti Cycles to build their dream wheels.

Corey Mihailiuk, owner of Cognoscenti Cycles.


Corey of Cognoscenti Cycles knows more about bike wheels than everyone else I know combined - and I know some smart bike people! Corey’s your guy for any wheel build. He has access to a wide range of components to make your build just right. Or you can bring your own parts and have Corey assemble them using his state-of-the-art tools and know how. And if you’re keen, he’ll also tell you the complete history of asymmetric hub flanges (along with any other element of wheel science that you care to discuss)!

Michael Liberzon

X3 Training // NCCP Triathlon Coach // PT // Kettlebell Instructor


You’ll never meet someone who knows more about wheels than Corey. From the build process, to material and tool quality, to the history of cycling, Corey is an encyclopaedia. But above all else, what makes a good wheel builder is not knowledge of building but whether or not the wheels will stand the test of time. Over 10,000 km ridden on my wheels and still true. Well worth the cost.

Dan Losier

Manager of Wheels of Bloor bike shop, Toronto


I purchased a new Cervelo R3 and I wasn’t happy with the stock wheel set. I took the leap to go custom and I couldn’t be happier. Corey paired a set of matte black Chris King R45 hubs along with some FSE 55mm deep carbon rims. The result was truly epic.

Peter Hull

Member of Dark Horse Flyers Cycling club, Toronto


Corey of Cognoscenti Cycles is passionate about bike wheels and is perhaps the bike industries best kept secret! He takes wheel building to the highest level. If you have a question about bike wheels ask Corey, as he knows what the best options are out there for various applications. He’s helped me with tubeless disc road wheels, track wheels and a sometime soon dynamo hubbed front wheel for randonneuring. When you want something amazing for your dream bike, or simply a wheel set that isn’t available off the shelf, and built to your spec, go to Corey.

Tiago Varella-Cid

Road, track, MTB and gravel cyclist.


Corey was a fantastic resource to work with throughout my first experience building a custom set of wheels for my titanium road bike.  He was knowledgeable, thoughtful and very engaged. He provided a thorough analysis of various options/tradeoffs of how to build an amazing set of wheels set up for my riding style and specific needs.  Most important, his prices were very fair, and the finished product was superb.  Highly recommend working with Corey @Cognoscenti Cycles and will be going back for my next hoops!

David Offierski , Toronto


The work at Cognoscenti Cycles really does speak for itself. The quality and precision in every miniscule aspect showcase the pride Corey takes in his work, and rightfully so. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cognoscenti on a handful of occasions and it has never once fell short of high expectations, even with a few difficult components that left me stumped Corey was able to work through get me sorted in no time at all. The level of detail most certainly is what keeps me a continued customer, and I will not hesitate to send others his way.

Kris Cox , Manager of Bateman’s Bicycle Company Service Department


After a crash last year, Corey offered to take a look at my wheels.  He found that the factory set up was quite a bit off-standard and that the wheels needed some rebuilding.  He took the time to teach me about wheel construction and the changes that we needed to make. I left Corey’s shop feeling confident in the service, wheel construction and that I received good value.  Thanks Corey for your speedy and thorough support!

Gayle Murdoch Member of Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club , Toronto


In the summer of 2018, I asked Corey to build me a set of Carbon wheels, a long awaited update for my 13 year old Seven.  I chose Corey based on recommendations as well as many discussions on club rides.  He patiently walked me through the design choices and considerations in choosing the hubs, rims, spokes, and even nipples.  There was way more to consider than I would have thought.  In the end, I have a great set of wheels which I know will stay true and last a very long time.  I had a very positive experience with my first bespoke wheelset - love em!

Mark Kremblewski Member of Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, Toronto


"Corey is the most professional and knowledgeable person I know in all things regarding bicycles in general and wheels in particular. Corey rebuilt my wheels after they were significantly damaged in a crash. I was prepared to write them off but his repairs had them spinning truer than they did before the crash. Corey saved me having to spend $1500 replacing them. I cannot say enough about his skills and professionalism."

Michael Ruane Member of Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, Toronto


I've had a couple of personal sets of wheels built by Cognoscenti Cycles and often send our more particular wheel builds over to them as well. The quality and the attention to detail is second to none. The thought and care that is put into each wheelset is amazing. I've never had anyone care about my personal product more than myself. The experience of dealing with them is great. So professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely dream something up to take back to Cognoscenti soon.

Mike Spagnola General Manager of Bateman’s Bicycle Company, Toronto

Corey is one of the most knowledgeable and detail oriented people I've met across any industry. I first approached him to complete a set of disc wheels for gravel riding and CX racing on a budget. He provided extremely detailed feedback based on everything from rider weight, to tire pressure, & the type of riding/racing they'd see. After 2 years of P2A, EB100, El Bandito, trail riding, 2 seasons of cross, over 4000km of riding & many massive gravel weekends they are still perfectly true!

Naturally when it came time for something a little more "road" oriented it had to be another set of Cognoscenti wheels ;) I had my heart set on a set of H PLUS SON HYDRA rims, tied to DT350 hubs with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Corey provided the same great experience the second time around and went the extra mile hunting for parts & working with my LBS (Batemans)

I worry about plenty of things when riding or racing far from home, but my wheels certainly aren't one of them.

Mike Costa , Toronto

Competitive gravel and cyclocross rider


I'm not sure about much in life, but I'm absolutely positively sure that no one other than Corey will be building or servicing any of my wheels as long as Cognoscenti Cycles is still churning out the goods! Bespoke wheels, or sensible wheels - whichever you choose, you get the bespoke experience. No wheel is less significant than any other, or given different treatment. You get the absolute best wheels for your dollar. I can't wait to dream up something else to send over to Corey. Buy from someone you can shake hands with!

Justin Paczkowski , Barrie Ont.

Road and gravel cyclist


 I had a very special project and I was looking for a capable collaborator. I am a really tall and heavy dude, building my first real custom ride by myself, but realized no actual wheel could officially support me.  After weeks of research, I sent my story and requirements to all the wheel building companies I could find.  I was mostly disappointed or sceptical with every answer I got, except for Corey's response.  Right at the beginning, I could sense Corey's passion, rigor and professionalism.  Asking me questions to better understand my needs, he took my request very seriously.

In all honesty, Corey told me right away it wouldn't be easy.  But, god, he did his homework. After a lot of research, he proposed some options. With all his input, we reoriented the project several times, each time to a better one.  We did have issues along the way, but found greater alternatives every time.  With Corey's explanations, I did learn a lot about every aspect of the wheelset

I now ride my Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead hardtail with absolutely no doubt about my wheel strength (36 holes, White Industries CLD+ boost hubs, Nextie Premium enduro carbon rims, etc, etc - and a meticulous build-up).  We even found the way to fit my aesthetic request along with all my technical needs, wow !

From the consulting, the research, the build-up and most of all, for his uninterrupted help and friendly support from the beginning of this journey, I am so thankful.

Mathieu Provost, Quebec

MTB rider


My bike has a certain level of tire clearance and I was concerned with fitment after the build. Corey measured my bicycle , trialed several different set ups and came to a good conclusion as to what would work. We then discussed a variety of different rims and I landed on an alu/ceramic hoop that I had not given serious consideration. Corey understood the purpose I had in mind and recommended them as a good fit for the job at hand. After the first ride all is very good. He met his commitments and timelines and is professional in his business relationships. I’d close by saying that he has significant knowledge of the industry and in particular, wheel components and construction and I trust his judgement. 5 stars out of 5.

Garth McAdams, Uxbridge Ont.

Road cyclist


Initially, I was planning on taking a stab at building up my own set of wheels. After looking into everything involved with the process, I realized I was in over my head. Enter Corey

Corey was great to work with. He's incredibly knowledgeable, detail oriented, and has a ton of experience. I was able to meet with him and discuss what I wanted out of my wheels, and he was able to build up a set of wheels nicer than I would have imagined. My new wheels are beautiful, bombproof, and fast. I'd definitely recommend reaching out to Corey if you're looking for some quality workmanship and great advice.

Bill Tsatkas, Toronto

Road, gravel & MTB