Rims from H Plus Son

This Asian rim manufacturer has really captured the imagination of all kinds of cyclists all around the world. Just as many fixie crazed riders as road only riders have fallen in love with the H Plus Son rim. You may be wondering why... Is it that unusual name? Can't just be a funky name. No, its defiantly more. H Plus Son have a few things up their sleeve that make them a go to rim for all kinds of riders. First off, they offer some very different rim profiles that are seductive.  The graceful and beautifully tear dropped shape of the Archetype is immediately attractive. This model has also embraced the "wider is better" theme that several notable rim designers have been telling us is the way to go.  That slightly wider rim changes the profile of your tire, making for a more plush ride. It enables you to traverse more challenging road surfaces with ease. Gravel grinders are already hip to this and know the the benefits of that additional width. 

Models like the Archetype and the Hydra sport widths of 23 and 25mm respectively. If your frame has sufficient clearance, then I'd say a slightly wider rim is worth exploring. You can still run your fave 23mm tire if you wish or experiment with a 28mm or 30 plus mm tire for a completely different feel on the road. The Hyrdra is their new disc friendly model. Weighing in at a very respectable 440 grams with a proper welded joint and tubeless compatibility, this rim could answer your off road yearnings perfectly.  Both of these rims are made from G609 alloy and from my research G609 is reputed to be 20% stronger than 6061 alloy. 

For the MTB crowd there's the Todestrieb which has a 32mm width and additional internal support to strengthen the rim for more punishing off road miles.

The fixie fiend has several deep V shaped rims for a very different look. Available in both 650B and 700C sizes. 

For the 2017 season Cognoscenti Cycles will be carrying H Plus Son rims. Maybe its time to consider a slightly wider rim for that extra plush ride. Give me a call and we'll match these rims up with some worthy hubs. 


             H Plus Son Archetype rim in a stealthy black anodised finish.

             H Plus Son Archetype rim in a stealthy black anodised finish.