Cognoscenti Cycles is excited to now be carrying Phil Wood hubs!

Anyone acquainted with American made hubs will certainly know the name Phil Wood. Synonymous with beautifully made and well designed bicycle hubs for almost every discipline, Phil Wood has answered the call since the early 1970's. My first pair of Phil's hubs was in 1974. At that point they were hardly a house hold name but they were on their way to a well respected brand. During 4 decades Phil Wood has continually strived to produce top end hubs that we know we can trust.  

Nowadays they make a hub for almost any cycling need, be it road, track, cyclocross, touring, tandem and more. Cognoscenti Cycles is now carrying the entire line of Phil's offerings. If a new pair of wheels are in your future please take a look at what Phil Wood has to offer. I'd love to build you some wheels with a set of Phil's fabulous hubs. Give me a call and we'll put something special together for you. 

                                                  Cyclocross hubs by Phil Wood.