Cognoscenti Cycles is now a dealer for Efficient Velo Tools.

The importance of using the right tool for the job can't be overstated. It usually makes your work much easier and quicker and great tools are a joy to use. I recently started to use some tools made by a US company called Efficient Velo Tools and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and simple innovations that they employed. The latest addition to my work bench is a small tool called the Mulfinger. Its a stainless steel probe that comes in a few different lengths that one uses to pick up a spoke nipple to start it on the threads. A fantastic little tool that speeds up your lacing by stopping you from fumbling with nipples with your fingers. It fits securely into the end of a nipple and enables you to drop it into the rim hole perfectly each time. No more dropping nipples on the floor! Its the type of tool that I wish was invented when I first started building wheels. Its also quite inexpensive and trust me, once you have used one you will never go back to your old habits. They are available for both 14 and 15 gauge nipples. The longer version is ideal for lacing wheels where the nipple bed is deeper.

The next Efficient Velo Tool that shows some clever innovation is their wheel dishing tool aptly named the "Trigger". It enables you to precisely check the alignment of the rim over the axle ends with just one hand. Its built with chromoly Dedacciai fork blades which are TIG welded to last a lifetime of use. It employs a spring loaded plunger which is designed to be used with just one hand. The pads that touch the rim are machined after welding to guarantee absolute parallelism. That is an all important factor if you insist on complete accuracy in judging a wheels alignment. The Trigger is finished off with a lovely Ferrari red powder coating which looks quite striking. Its undoubtedly a pricey tool but one that could potentially last a lifetime or two. It fits wheel size's from 24" all the way up to a standard 700C wheel. 

                                          A look at EVT's dishing tool aptly named the "Trigger". Constructed from Dedaccai fork blades for a lifetime of use.  

                                          A look at EVT's dishing tool aptly named the "Trigger". Constructed from Dedaccai fork blades for a lifetime of use.  


These and some other select tools will shortly become available for sale on our website. Check in periodically as I feature different high quality tools to make your wheel building experience that much more enjoyable and accurate. 



The "Mulfinger". This must have tool enables an easy grabbing of a spoke nipple and placement into the rim.  Once experienced it's hard to imagine going back to your old habits!